P. Blackk — FIVE (EP).

So I’m gonna actually attempt this blogging thing forreal-forreal. It’ll be a nice break away from the fast-paced nature of social media to kind of talk to whoever is willing to listen. Alright bet. To give the importance of this project some context I gotta say all this. I put my first self-produced project out in 2013 entitled ONE. I felt that my beats weren’t good enough so I wanted to rap on them because I didn’t think they could stand alone. Also, those Fly.Union Value Pack’s were and are genius to me. Anyway, last year I finally got rid of all the words and put out my fourth self-produced project entitled FOUR. Now, it was an afterthought to conceptualize the project as the life-cycle of a plant I gotta admit. But now-now, this is my second attempt to better represent that life cycle and how it pertains to my peace I’ve reached when meditation and tea couldn’t calm my soul. I’ve had a lot of things on my mind about art, music, life, death, and pretty much everything under the sun. I know I ain’t the only one. But words can get in the way of feelings sometimes you know? So juss lissen. Aiight, welp…I hope folks enjoy it as much as I did making it.


- P.