Who Are The Real Thugs?

You know what’s [not so] funny?  I made this illustration the LAST TIME.  But I didn’t want to release it because I actually personally know a good amount of good cops.  So I didn’t want to generalize a group of people because it’s unfair to do that.  Too bad a lot of these cops don’t use that rationale when dealing with a person of color.

I hear people voicing their disappointment in the fact that people in Baltimore are rioting, wondering why they would destroy a CVS when that’s the only place for them to get food?..  But the better question would be “Why in the hell is a CVS the ONLY place to get food?!?”  Our oppressor has NO conscious.  Keep that in mind when you want to push that peace shit in these dire times.  Bloodshed is what America is built on.  The spirit of this country is built off the oppression of others.  And when did property become more important than a persons life?  I see that 3/5′s law is alive and well in the minds of too many brainwashed Americans.  The effects of colonialism are alive and well in the minds of too many brainwashed Americans.  Our oppressor cannot be taught love and acceptance when their identity stems from hate and fear.  How does one teach a whole system to collective stop terrorizing you?  KRS-One said it best, “There will never really be justice on stolen land..”  So my message to the people, is to stay WOKE.  In every sense of the word, wake up!  Stay on your toes, pass our TRUE [before slavery] history down to your kids and every respectful person you come into contact with.  Speak your mind and know yourself.  Don’t take anyone’s shit and don’t let anyone speak to you just ANY kind of way.  Stay strong y’all.